ALS Water Resource Group

Fyshwick Australia

Deep in the Papua New Guinean jungle, we were contracted to install 4 fresh water monitoring stations in an area that is only accessible by either Helicopter or a 7 hour Dugout Canoe ride. The Hydrolab MS5 probe was chosen as the water quality sensor as we had previously had good success with it in similar situations in Papua New Guinea.

We returned to these stations in October 2014 to service the MS5’s. The locals in the village told us there was a ‘huge flood’ two months prior and infrastructure was damaged. We found that the flood had sheared the stainless steel pipe that housed Hydrolab!
To our amazement the Hydrolab was there hanging from the end of the severed pipe by its cable and the sensor guard shattered. The Hydrolab casing looked worse for wear but when we downloaded the data we found it had operated throughout the entire period unprotected from the rocks that came downstream with every event. After a calibration it was as good as new and ready for another deployment.