City of Austin – Watershed Protection – Cave Team

Austin USA

We are presently 5 months into continuous deployment of three Hydrolab Sondes deep underground within Flint Ridge Cave. Deploying and operating the Hydrolab Sondes in such an exotic and remote location has proven to be a challenge that only the best equipment can survive.

Going into Flint Ridge Cave is not an easy endeavor – it is a day-long affair that leaves us scraped up and aching in a dozen places. Traveling through the cave involves negotiating jagged rocky passages that are sometimes so tight there is but a hands width of space between the person and the ceiling above.

The conditions within the cave are always harsh, but when 10 inches of rain in one-week led to the cave flooding, and most of our equipment being trashed, all three Hydrolab Sondes survived the storm just fine. It’s been amazing how well the Hydrolab Sondes were able to take the abuse we’ve put them through. We are glad to report the Hydrolab Sondes continue to provide the essential data without fail.