Minnesota Department of Health

St. Paul USA

The Hydrolab has been a game changer in our work to help public water suppliers provide safe drinking water. Since 2004, we have deployed the Hydrolab in 48 wells across the state. The Hydrolab delivers on every mission, even when jostled 735 feet down a ragged, air-drilled well.

The Hydrolab has helped communities and businesses facing contamination to find safe, alternative supplies, avoiding costly treatment or drilling new wells. Hydrolab measurements produce detailed depth profiles indicating inflow and outflow zones, which we sample and analyze for water quality indicators. Dividing hundreds of feet of water column into zones allows a public water supplier to case off questionable areas and avoid them in the future.

The Hydrolab is also pivotal in improving our understanding of hydrogeology for prevention efforts. Downhole logging and targeted sampling vastly improve upon standard hydrogeological surveys and methods using samples only taken at the tap.