Cincinnati United States

Our story is not about how tough we are, it’s about how tough DS4′s have been. We use our Hydrolabs to help monitor the 981-mile length of the Ohio River. Extended deployments come with fouling issues and zebra mussel love. Our boat-based surveys have created the tough Sonde story.

We were measuring physicals on the surface only to match bacteria surface collections. At the end of a run, time for lunch, we sped toward the meeting place at the mouth of the Big Sandy River. We tied the 6,000 lb aluminum boat to a tree and dis-boarded to meet the land crew. The DS4 was the bumper!

It had been forgotten, tied to a rope for 2′ collections, it had bounced along beside the boat as we motored in, and was left overboard while tow boat wakes gently bashed the Sonde between the boat and the concrete rip rap bank. That scarred DS4 spared us real embarrassment by continuing to work perfectly until it’s retirement – when it was mercifully drilled for credit on a newer instrument.