Quileute Natural Resources

La Push USA

The Quileute Natural Resources deploys the Hydrolab DS5X multiparameter sondes at 48 sites in the Quillayute Basin, which is located in the temperature rainforest. Drenched in over 12 feet of rain a year, our watersheds see rough conditions during high flows and low flows during the summer months. The sonde reads instantaneously six water quality parameters for our monthly recordings and again after any storm events. Since our river systems are rain fed, getting good data year round is important to know what our fish endure. Eventually, we will see water quality trends with our sonde data and be able to identify what areas need restoration efforts to reduce the impact to fisheries. The sonde has also become a great tool for teaching water quality to the students at the Quileute Tribal School. By showing instant readings with the surveyor, the students can see the difference in water quality at the various sites.