In spite of a summer storm, we went out onto the lake. The Data Sonde’s cable played out unobserved. “Sonde overboard!” The thought hit me like a 3 C bucket of water. I recorded the location with the MOB on the Garmin. I researched a grappling hook and found cards used in fantasy games. I finally found one locally for $20. I then called the Dive Team, they would help. However because the lake was 140 feet deep and 5600 feet in altitude, diving to the bottom was out of the question. The morning arrived. I could not believe that the MOB position was correct. Later, I heard one of the dive team members yell, “Is this the last thing you saw?” One of the three tongs of the grappling hook had passed through the stainless steel bridle. I welcomed the Data Sonde home and thanked the dive team. Sitting squarely in the center of this story is a little Garmin GPS fathometer, which got a nice cleaning when we got home.
It snowed the next day and the roads closed for the winter.