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Hydrolab Operating Software

The Hydrolab Operating Software is the PC-based application for interfacing with Hydrolab HL Series sondes, the Hydrolab Surveyor HL, and Hydrolab communications modules.  It is designed for intuitive water quality data collection, sensor calibration, settings adjustment, and metadata access.


  • Know your instrument is working correctly with instrument and sensor statuses that are shown
  • Calibrate sensors and check sensor calibrations with guided and semi-automated calibration routines
  • Monitor water quality data real-time or set up a log file for long term monitoring
  • Access and create metadata that give system information, calibration history, user information, and site information
  • Configure sonde, sensor, and communications settings
  • Compatible with any recent version of a full Microsoft Windows Operating System on a laptop, desktop, or ruggedized device


Click the following links to view the Hydrolab Operating Sofware Overview, Calibration, and Monitoring videos.


Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 (32 bit or 64bit) or 8

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